Types of Surgery for Men In Birmingham

When most people think of plastic surgery, women come to mind. However, men are becoming increasingly interested in plastic surgery as well and there are different types of surgery for men that are designed to improve the male physique in a variety of ways. Some of the cosmetic procedures that are usually performed on women can work for men. Birmingham Alabama is a place that is on the rise for procedures like tummy tucks.

Liposuction is common among men and women who want to get rid of stubborn belly fat. Men often get tumescent liposuction to reduce fat in the abdomen and flanks of the body. When fat is removed from a man’s midsection, it changes his entire silhouette and can even make him look a bit taller.

Abdominoplasty menUltrasonic-assisted liposuction is also among the types of surgery for men that takes fat off of the body. This procedure reduces fat in the chest area and makes a noticeable difference in the way clothes fit. Ultrasonic-assisted liposuction can take away stubborn fat from the hip area as well.

Liposuction is ideal for men who work out often, but haven’t been able to achieve weight loss with exercise alone. In many instances, men see significant results of the liposuction about three months after the surgery. Results are even more evident six months after the liposuction.

Men who have lost a considerable amount of weight but still have excess skin may opt for abdominoplasty Birmingham. This cosmetic surgery removes extra skin from the midsection, and tightens the skin, particularly in the lower abdominal region. Men sometimes elect to have this operation after bariatric surgery as part of their new body transformation.

Gynecomastia excision is also one of the types of surgery for men that can improve a man’s appearance significantly. Through surgery, the collection of extra fat and tissue in the upper chest area is removed, which takes away the appearance of breasts on the man’s body.

surgery for menMen also get plastic surgery in their facial areas, such as otoplasty to keep their ears from sticking out, or a chin augmentation to make the face appear more proportioned. Some male patients also choose to get a brow lift to make their faces appear more youthful.

No matter what types of surgery for men male patients are considering, it’s always best to meet with a trusted cosmetic surgeon for a detailed consultation before making the final decision to have surgery.

The Most Popular Male Plastic Surgery Procedures

Gone are the days when plastic surgery was done only on women. Men are becoming more concerned about their looks and a great physique not only brings in a sense of self-confidence, but it can also help one advance in their careers and land better deals. For male models, body builders and athletes, their bodies are their important selling point.

Who Gets The Surgery?

Body builders are known by their big muscular bodies, large chests, biceps and six packs define them, while some undergo procedures like liposuction, Gynecomastia and pectoral enhancements to improve. The male models are required to have sexy, attractive bodies and good looks so some may undergo liposuction, enhancements, and jaw contouring to achieve the look. The older past athletes who feel as if they do not look as fine as they were before. They may have a little work done as well.

Types Include?

The common male plastic surgery procedures include rhinoplasty, liposuction, facial reconstruction – facelifts and eyelid surgery, gynecomastia (man boobs), and jawline augmentation.

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)

This procedure is devised to remove the excess sagging skin under the eyes thus resulting in a youthful appearance

Neck lift

This procedure involves the tightening of the muscle and removal of the excess fat around the neck. An opening is made around the earlobes

men rhinoplasty


Also called nose surgery shapes the nose to the desired style. A long nose can be shortened, short one can be elongated. The new nose should be proportional to other facial features.

Jaw Augmentation

It enhances the jaw giving it a more angular, and well-defined shape.

surgery menGynecomastia surgery

Man boobs can be humiliating especially when one is dating or out in the beach. They are caused by hormonal imbalance with oestrogen being the dominant hormone instead of testosterone. Gynecomastia Surgery is done to remove the extra fatty tissues in the chest area. After a week, the stitches are removed and the swelling heals after two weeks.

Gluteal Enhancement

This method enhances the glutes giving it that perky look. Recovery time is one to two months

Pectoral Enhancement

Mostly done on models and body builders; pectoral enhancement involves the use of silicon implants under the breast muscle to give a full and firm chest.


This procedure is designed to give a sculpted physique. Fatty deposits around the abdomen are removed resulting in well-defined abs. A complete healing time is 2 – 4 weeks.

The cost of male plastic surgery procedures vary depending on the type of procedure. Remember these procedures must be done by certified plastic surgeons.

The Rise Of Cosmetic Surgery for Men

The concern about looks and personal appearance is no longer a female characteristic, as the number of men concerned about their looks has been on the increase in the recent times. Initially, men would accept their appearance with minimal effort to change it, however, with the advent of the twenty first century, there have been an increasing amount of pressure on the male species to better his looks and this has caused cosmetic surgery for men to gain popularity.

So why cosmetic surgery for men?

Traditionally, men are supposed to look masculine and every man feels a sense of belonging with more masculinity. Cosmetic surgery does not prompt one to loose his masculinity, but it has an effect on individual appearance as it brings out a good looking and confident man fro the inside out.

Who doesn’t want to be confident anyway?

Biologically, every human being is subject to aging irrespective of gender and as we grow older our skin tends to sag leading to a wrinkled face. Cosmetic surgery has the ability to get rid of the wrinkled skin and leave an individual’s skin smooth and tender. The decision to undertake cosmetic surgery should be a personal decision, however it is important to seek expert advise or read cosmetic surgery guides in order to get the best treatment for your skin and the appropriate cosmetic surgeon.

Cosmetic surgery for men has a number of benefits ranging from social, physical and emotional aspects.

On the social aspect it is easily noticeable that you have performed a face-lift or any other form of change on your skin. This will boost your confidence and also gives you a piece of mind as you earn respect from your peers. Emotionally, you are no longer concerned about your skin appearance at a party or a social gathering.

In summary, every man would like to be confident about themselves, and aging is one factor that greatly demoralizes an individual ego and sense of belonging if they let it. It is therefore good option for a man to consider cosmetic surgery not only as a way of getting rid of old skin but as a way of boosting personal confidence.